About Us

Sam Cowell Fire Protection is a licensed C16 fire sprinkler contractor located in Napa, California. We design, install and repair water based automatic fire sprinkler systems in single-family 13D, multi-family 13R residential, and light commercial structures under 10,000 square feet.

We provide quarterly and yearly inspection services, 5 Year Title 19 certification, design and consulting services, small tenant improvement services, scheduled & emergency repair services, fire hydrant flushing & flow testing, hydraulic calculation services, fire protection water storage tanks & valves, wet draft hydrant testing & flushing, fire protection related signage and the servicing of emergency exit lights.

We strive for excellence in workmanship on each and every job to insure your project is done properly and is fully compliant with State and local fire protection regulations and building codes.

Our goal is to not only install, repair, and maintain the fire sprinkler systems that help protect you and your loved ones, but to educate your family and the community on the importance of installing and properly maintaining home fire sprinkler systems.

Sam Cowell Fire Protection has over 40 years experience in design, installation and repair of water based automatic fire sprinkler systems and is Napa's leading authority on the Omega recall issue.