Information for Homeowners

The information in this section pertains to home fire sprinkler systems. Many of the questions a homeowner may have regarding home fire sprinklers can be answered by refering to the following resources or by going to the FAQ section of our website.


Why Homes Need Fire Sprinklers

Find out about the life-saving benefits of fire sprinklers.
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HFSC Built For Life - Must Watch!




To learn more about the Home Fire Sprinkler Safety Coalition, go to


The HFSC Virtual Sprinklered House

Get a behind-the-walls look at residential fire sprinklers. Find out why sprinklers are needed, how they work and learn how you can save development costs when you build.

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Selling A Home Protected by Fire Sprinklers

This video provides real estate professionals with important information about the life-saving benefits of fire sprinklers, and useful tips for marketing a home protected by them.

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Sparky School House

A great place for kids to learn about fire safety.

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How Do Fire Sprinlers Work?

Short video animation on how a fire sprinkler is constructed and activated.




Additional Resources

National Fire Protection Association

Napa Fire Department Regulations Standards and Policies

Sonoma County - Fire Sprinklers

California State Fire Marshal



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